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Baghaus.com offers a wide selection of designer inspired handbags and purses at affordable prices for today's women.

Baghaus.com is the one-stop destination for all women's designer style handbag needs. Whether you're looking for the elegantly hip, the classically timeless, or the celebrity handbag trends currently spotted on the arms of Hollywood A-list fashionistas, you've come to the right place.

The vast collection of handbags provide certain common elements: flattering silhouettes, exquisite detail, designer essentials that look expensive but aren't, and beautifully durable high-quality construction.

While Baghaus' designer inspired handbags provide an affordable solution, they are not to be confused with knock-offs or fakes that blatantly try to pass themselves off as the genuine article, Baghaus' "designer inspired" handbags do not violate any copyright laws.

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About Baghaus
Based in Pico Rivera, California, Baghaus.com is a leading online store offering designer inspired handbags and purses including the followings:
  • Popular Handbags
  • Trendy Purses
  • Celebrity Handbags
  • Wholesale Handbags

Customer Advantage
  • Customer Service: 1-877-861-7257 Mon-Fri 9:30am-5pm PST
  • Mailing Address: Baghaus, 3733A San Gabriel River Pkwy, Pico Rivera, CA 90660
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: 30-Day Money-Back
  • Wide variety of Designer Style Handbags & Purses at Affordable Prices
  • Daily Sales and Special Deals
  • Online Order Tracking
  • Online Customer Service Ticket System
  • Standard, Expedited Shipping
  • Secured Website - Safe Shopping

Customer Reviews:

"I was actually expecting the worst when my package went MIA (the carrier's fault), but I have to commend your customer service team for dutifully tracking it down and getting it re-delivered promptly. I must say, the bags are delightful and a bargain at your prices. Thank you!" - Renee M., Chicago, IL

"I have a modest collection of expensive designer handbags, but why does my Baghaus Stam get more compliments than any of them!? I love the bag, I think it looks great and I was truly impressed with the quality. Thanks Baghaus, i'll be back!" - Stephanie G., Downey, CA

"I was worried that the bag would look cheap, but it actually looks far more expensive than it was. It's so classy and chic, and I've gotten tons of compliments on it. I will be shopping here again!" - Heather S., NYC, New York

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